Friday, November 15, 2002

Well people, this is the initial bit of myself that I am dropping out over the internet. I'm certain that you have all already developed a strong, long-lasting affection for me, and will continue to come here to read for many years. Or more likely, you accidentally clicked a different page listing than the one you intended. Well, let's do what the expected thing is here on blog, and start typing about my life and the trivial concerns that comprise it.

I've got a shift at work today - retail sales if you were wondering - from seven at night to eleven. Four hours in the middle of the night, on a friday night. After many questions to the people who manage my lovely little workplace, I found out that the corporation actually does these things on purpose to discourage it's employees from having a social life outside of work. Apparently, if you only socialize at work, you're more productive. Remember when productivity was secondary to being a decent human being ? Yeah, me neither.

Went to class yesterday (a rarity), and it was actually interesting - we saw a movie called "Green Dragon", (real movie, $2mill budget) and the teacher was actually able to get the director to come to the class and answer questions. There were only three real questions in the room, and the rest had to be thought up slowly. We even saw the same questions get asked repeatedly, just to fill time. A room full of people, all of whom have taken an entire college-level course about what he does, and there are no real questions. Just sad. I suppose that's enough for today.....but if you're wondering about the title :

Neutiquam Erro, or in English : I am not lost.