Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Geez..........Am I ever in deep one today. I've been dwelling, never a good thing to do.

Once upon a time, there was a guy. Just imagine the embodiement of negative energy. Cynicism, hatred, cruelty, etc, etc, he realizes that even if they don't know it yet, every smiling face holds a knife behind their back. Then one day, this guy met a girl. Uncharacteristically, he fell completely in love with her at first sight. And as these tales always go, the girl is a near-antithesis of the guy - lacking in the traits you can only earn through long hardship, but still in love with life in a way that he hadn't been since before he could remember. She is naive to a fault, understanding of the emotions of others, and knows her own mind. But there was something there......the beginnings of an understanding of human nature that he (in himself) credited for his condition. Over subsequent years, he watches that understanding blossom black knowledge through their association. One day, he looks at her and realizes that quality he so prized in her is completely gone, and the girl is as he is. Disgusted with her and himself, guy casts girl away. For years, he can't purge the memory from his mind.....in much the manner that of a door that could not be closed, the interaction had opened a need in him, that he can find no way to fill. Guy uses dictionary to look up a new word : 'loneliness'.

What do you think ? It's a work in progress. But I think, maybe, it's nearly finished.